SoundCloud brings ‘sets’ to version 2.5 of its Android and iPhone app !

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SoundCloud has today announced a few new updates for both the Android and iOS versions of its mobile music app.

The first one of note involves sets, the feature that lets users build collections of sounds they like in a single clip or waveform, which can then be shared and reposted by other users. Thus far, they’ve been available to Web-based subscribers only, but now they’ve been opened to mobile users on iPhone/iPod touch and Android too, with iPad getting the feature shortly.

A new filter has also been added to the search tab to enable users to eek out sets created by other members.

The record button has also been shifted in both apps, not only to make way for sets but also “more features”, SoundCloud teases. If you’re on an iPhone, you’ll need to hit the ‘More’ menu to access it, while Android users can ‘swipe’ to locate it in the side menu.

Earlier this month, SoundCloud launched new simplified Pro plans, with users getting a choice of just three account types – free, Pro, and Pro Unlimited. This replaced the previous five tiers which offered various features and storage amounts, with the completely unlimited option costing a rather daunting €500 ($650) per year.

Other updates with the latest version of its mobile apps include a “cleaner, sharper and simpler” UI for iOS users, while both Android and iOS get a handful of bug fixes and stability improvements.


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